Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th... hope you all enjoy your families,
                                                                     friends and freedoms!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015

It's party time again... Where Bloggers Create 2015!
You can join in and link up your creative space on July 11th... or just come and see a lot of very creative spaces!  Thanks to Karen at "My Desert Cottage"... if you've never visited her before you have to go and see all her gorgeous creations, her wonderful creative space and her beautiful home. 
I've been working really hard on both of my creative spaces... my craft room and my sewing/yarn room, and hope to join in the party this year.  Come join in the fun! 

Here I go again...a girl can change her mind

I have been working on our new "old" home and wanted to get the wallpaper down and a fresh coat of paint on all the walls, so I painted just about every room in the same color, tan.  My Sister who loves color was just mortified by the lack of color, as I explained to her, I just wanted it clean and fresh and the rooms would tell me what color they wanted to be as I went.  Well the foyer went from two layers of AWFUL wallpaper... 

to one layer of wallpaper...  AWFUL!

Now, mind you this foyer is two stories high!  In my wisdom I went outside of my comfort zone and picked this rust color, since I LOVE rust so much... really I do! 


But this rust color... not so much!  Mr. P. keeps saying leave it awhile, it might grow on you.  Well it grew on me all right... it grew on my nerves.  So out came the paint chips and the tall ladder, I'll let you know if I survive the two stories for the second time.  At this rate I might have the house done about the time the mortgage is paid off!!!

So here I go again... a girl can change her mind! 
                                                        Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The heart wants what the heart wants...

I have been so busy on our OLD new home that I have really been neglecting my place here!  I have been taking pictures and when I can get myself a little more together, I'll be back.  Here's a sneak peek of just a few of my adventures.

I have two new rooms at the house...
I have been working on a new room of the house, my sewing room and it is looking so beautiful.  It has a cottage look to it and will house all my sewing materials and yarn... for which I have enough to last a lifetime.  I have painted a new desk, table and chairs, sewed and covered cushions, made a gorgeous curtain and sooooo much more.  I also have been working on my new craft room, it's got a beautiful new color and I have covered the back of the bookcases will toile and made new curtains and still have to cover the old metal chair cushions and finish a few décor pieces. 
I'm also changing out the curtains in the living room and adding some new old décor pieces, it's starting to look like my vision.  And my bedroom is getting a new look with of course new curtains, a new quilt, shams and a gorgeous rug, as well as new (old) wall décor.  I just can't seem to sit still and never stay in one room for very long, bouncing from room to room isn't really the way it should be, but I go where the heart wants to go... the heart wants what the heart wants! 
Hope you wait for me...  be back soon!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to school...

It's back to school time for all the little and not so little ones.  Class schedules, afterschool activities, lots and lots of homework, sports, cheerleading and early mornings again.  Those were the days... sorry, got lost in memories!
Watch out for the school buses on the road again, keep an eye on all the kids out there, let's keep our youth, our future safe.  They say it takes a village, and it's a BIG village out there!
It's the end of summer vacation and hopefully the end of the HOT days.  I'm looking forward to cooler days, crisp nights, harvesting the fruits of our labor in our gardens and sweaters and socks, and oh I LOVE socks... I love fall it's my favorite season! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Labor Day

 photo 15.gif
Have a safe and happy day with your families!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sneak Peeks... Sewing / Yarn Room makeover and a Chalkboard Project

I've been so busy on my new (old) house.  This is a split level home with a full finished basement with four large rooms.  I love that the windows are at a main level so you don't feel like you are in a basement! 

And of course, it was wallpapered... of course!!!  The paper wasn't too bad for a country look, but I wanted to go more for a cottage feel so I decided to paint it in a soft green, with blue undertones.  It's Dutch Boy paint with the primer right in it, called "Breakers" and it turned out even prettier than I hoped!

It's a large room and has a wood checkerboard patterned floor.  My sister gave me a beautiful new sisal rug and it fits perfectly in the room... can't wait to show you!

I LOVE to quilt, another love my Mother shared with me.  I also like to crochet and knit... yup, from my Sister, so this room should really be called a "Family Room".

So I need to have a lot of storage for my fabric Scrappy Pacs and lots of yarn, what better than a gorgeous shelf from Ikea... and yes, it came from my beautiful Daughter!  See what I mean by Family Room!!

I'm on the hunt for "Cottage" curtains or fabric to make curtains... it's got to be perfect for my new Sewing/Yarn room.  I have a beautiful craft room on the upper level which is coming together also, but not ready for company yet.  I'll be sharing more as these rooms come together... soon!  

And I just had to leave you with one more Sneak Peek.  Can you guess what it is and what room it's for???  Just another project to share the details with you very soon.

Hope your Summer is wonderful and that you are making beautiful memories!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

From one day to the next...

Happy Spring...

 The view from my backyard two days ago, it's lovely with all it's grass showing.
I went to get a drink during the night and this is what I saw...

By morning this I what I woke to, about 10" of fresh snow...
Apparently it's a very HAPPY Winter! 
Will it ever end?
                                                    Sn*wy Hugs,

My little french stool makeover...

As usual in my rush to makeover this poor, broken down, tired old stool, I didn't take a before picture. ~*ugh*~  But I think you can get a pretty good idea of what she looked like before, she had a very beat up loved old wood bottom and her top was a dirty, slightly torn tapestry in mauve pink and wedgewood blue... don't get me wrong she was a beaut in her day, but her day had come and gone!

I started with a graphic I found at The Graphics Fairy, Karen's site is full of FREE graphics and printables.  I visit her site everyday, to see what wonderful, beautiful goodies she has added.
 Using Lesley Riley's Tap, Transfer Artist Paper, I printed the graphic (in reverse) onto the paper.  After giving the ink time to dry I cut the paper as close to the image as possible.  I washed, dried in the dryer using NO fabric softener and ironed my fabric and then cut it about 2 inches larger than the lid.   I carefully centered the  paper image onto the fabric, ink side down and ironed it following the directions on the TAP.

Next, I unscrewed the hinges from the lid of the stool and laid back down the original foam and also a layer of cotton batting.

I cut the cotton batting just slightly larger than the lid of my stool.

I centered my fabric, making sure the graphic was centered and placed it onto the lid exactly where I wanted it to be and got out my heavy duty stapler.  With a little tension, pull the fabric to the back and in the center of all four sides I started stapling, working my way out on each side evenly as I go.

After I finished the stapling, I got out my glue gun and cut a piece of fabric that fit inside the lid making sure it is large enough to cover all the staples.

I used a knife to flatten out the hot glue under the fabric as I went... hot glue is really HOT!

Then I hot glued on some trim around the edges of the fabric to leave a clean finished edge.

Here's a close up view... then I re-attached my hinges to the lid.

When I started, the body of my little stool was stained wood, and it was really beat up loved.  So I mixed up a little Plaster of Paris powder into a flat white paint ( you can use your acrylic craft paint or latex interior paint) and painted the entire body.  The beauty of mixing the Plaster of Paris into your paint is you DO NOT have to sand the wood prior to painting it.  After it dried I sanded it to make it look beat up loved again.

I then re-attached the lid to the body.

Looks good, but I think it needs more...

So I got out my glue gun and my drill...  and glued on some more trims and drilled a hole and attached a little porcelain handle onto the front of the stool.

Looking pretty good now.

And here she is in my dining room, showing off her new look!

My little French stool makeover, looking pretty good...

                                                                            for a beat up very loved old stool!

Well, I've some housework to do... it really does get in the way of my fun!!



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Saturday, March 22, 2014

On a Butterfly Wing and a Spring Prayer

I am SO DONE WITH WINTER... we just had another 5 inches of snow a few days ago.  Thursday was the first day of Spring... will it ever get here???  To be honest with you, half my back yard has grass (what a tease) and the other half is still a good 2 feet under snow and ice.  I go to bed every night and hope and pray that tomorrow I will wake to Spring in full bloom.  Well, if I can't have it outside, I can certainly have it inside.  So I got out a few paper supplies and hit my "To Do Pile" again and got at it!

I had some really great Butterfly paper in many different sizes, so I started cutting. I had two black frames, one had a perfect mat with four cutouts, the other was smaller and perfect for what I wanted.  I liked the black frames, so no need to paint... I like that too!

After cutting out my butterflies, I picked out background paper and started assembling my groupings.  On each grouping I cutout extra's of a few of the butterflies and folded the wings to give them some depth.  I also got out some stamps and ink and stamped on the mat to give it a little character.

Sorry this is so blurry, but I wanted to show you the depth by folding the wings up a little.

With all the white stoneware I just could NOT get a good enough photo to show you the way the folded wings looked over the top of many layers in the background.

They look so beautiful with my white stoneware, sitting on top of my Arc Value Village shelves I purchased.  One shelf was black and the other was wood, but you would never know after I gave them a coat of white flat paint mixed with some Plaster of Paris.  Once they were dry I gave them a good sanding to let some of the wood underneath show through.

 Here they are in my dining room, and as you can see a little bit of Spring is starting to make an appearance here...

                                            now if only old man Winter would take his leave!

I've been working on MANY projects lately, including the little stool here in front of this chair.  I started it last Summer/Fall and it has evolved and I finally finished it... I'll share that with you in my next post. 

We also had many layers of wall paper in the foyer, that went from this...

                                        to this...

to this!  I'll share more of this to come as well, it's still a work in progress!
I think the "green" half of the back yard has lifted my spirits and with a Wing and a Prayer, my inside is starting to look like Spring and my "TO DO PILE" is finally making an appearance again, and shrinking!!  I hope that your "green" is making an appearance... 
                                                       Happy Spring Hugs,